Vintage Amps

We buy, sell, trade and repair all vintage amplifiers. The repair shop is always keeping customers happy with quick and reliable service. Our website is updated regularly. There is always something new at Angel Music Guitars. Come in today!!!

Fender Amps
Rare and collectible Fender vintage amps currently in stock:

1966 Fender Deluxe Reverb  -  1980 Fender Vibrolux  -  1971 Fender Vibrolux  -  1978 Fender Pro Reverb  -  1979 Fender Super Reverb amp  - 

Marshall Amps
Rare and collectible Marshall vintage amps currently in stock:

Other Amps
Rare and collectible vintage amps from other makers:

Victoria Double Deluxe  - 

And take a look at JPF Amps, the Amplifier & Effects Specialists. JPF Amplification operate out of the Angel Music store in London's Denmark St. They repair and service all types of guitar and bass amplifiers.